Saturday, February 2, 2008

Abt this blog

Well thsi blog does not feature on my blogger profile, I just wrte soemthing which I strongly feel abt here ,so if anybody visiting thsi blog wana read more



Saturday, June 9, 2007

Teenage Depression ???

Well,teenage years are the best years of a person's life ,but often they are also the most challenging ones too.These are the years which formulate ours lives ,me myself being in my last teen year, have been through a lot in these 7 years. And I think what ever I have learnt in all these years were valuable lessons upon which I would build my life.

Coming back to teenage depression,a couple of days back I read a post about the same which prompted me to write this. As I have no right to talk about my friends and the people I know so ill write about myself.
It was the 12Th standard which was my breaking point, mainly because I had no sense of direction in life and I was running after something which I never wanted. And yes the 'S' word did cross my mind a couple of times but I wasn't strong enough to do it .
But almost a year after everything when I look back ,I dOnt regret those days because those days have made me the person I am now. Its like after doing through everything 'I HAVE RISEN LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES'. And it feels great now, iv never been more happier.
I know most of us go through bad times in our lives but in those bad times all we should is ,is have faith that everything will be OK. Cauz it will, 'life always throws things at us but eventually things become normal'. Just give it time and hold on.

And I mean each word I said here ,''CAUSE BEEN THERE,DONE THAT''

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Wonder WHY people take DRUGS when MUSIC gives a HIGH

MUSIC is like my drug, wonder why ppl take drugs when music gives a "HIGH".
As far as I know most of the people in this world take drugs to forget about pain "well I have a lot of problems in my life too" Not that big but"big enough" to make me think about taking them.
Sometimes the pain is just too much to handle ,but over a period of time I have found a way to deal with it,its not by taking some chemicals which we call"drugs"but its something we call"MUSIC".Believe me is a much better way to deal with pain ,"it also does not hurt you or make you poorer,it really lifts you up and its always there "it will never finish".
And I really think the kind of HIGH that music gives you those chemicals can never. Give a though to it and try out some good music i am sure it will help"IT CERTAINLY DID HELP ME ,AND ALWAYS WILL"